Damien Hoar de Galvan


2001 - BA in behavioral science, Green Mountain College, Poultney, VT
2008 - Post-Baccalaureate, SMFA, Boston, MA


-voltany (studio e gallery)
new york, NY march 7-11 2018

"would you rather... (curated by Micahael Smoler)"
los angeles, CA march 25-april 11 2017

"wot's...uh the deal?" (solo show)
new york, NY march 11-march 31 2017

-boston center for the arts
"i dread to think...(curated by Liz Blum)"
boston, MA january 13-march 19 2017

-studio e gallery
seattle, WA september 10 2016

-studio e gallery
"3 rooms"
seattle, WA  august 4-7 2016

-carroll and sons
"yard sale" organized by Jack Schneider
boston, MA july 29-31 2016

-brilliant champions
"sticks and stones"
brooklyn, NY  february 19-march 1 2016

-cape cod museum of art
"lost cat"
dennis, MA november 24 2015-january 17 2016

-needles and pens (solo show)
san francisco, CA november 6-december 31 2015

-montserrat college of art
beverly, MA october 5-december 5 2015

-carroll and sons gallery (solo show)
"wake up"
boston, MA july 3-august 22 2015

-galerie C.O.A.
montreal, canada may 2- june 6 2015

-dm contemporary
"a few conversations about color"
nyc, january 23-february 28 2015

-highfield hall
"modern man"
falmouth, MA april 1-may 13 2015

-schoolhouse gallery
"group show"
provincetown, MA august 29 2014- september 17 2014

-christopher columbus park
boston, MA august 30 2014- august 31 2014

-rockport art association
"out of bounds"
rockport, MA august 23 2014- september 23 2014

"selections from the boston drawing project"
boston, MA september 2013- december 2013 

-the beehive
"sharp and blurry" (group show)
boston, MA september 24 2013-january 2014
-carroll and sons gallery       
"something could happen any moment" (solo show)
boston, MA may 3- july 27 2013
-lincoln arts project
"house rabbet society" (group show)
waltham, MA april 17-may 18 2013
"chain letter"
boston, MA july 2011

carroll and sons gallery
"i wish i had something to say" (solo show)
boston, MA june 3-july 30 2011

provincetown art association and museum
"sculpture invitational"
provincetown, MA april 29-june 19 2011

higgins art gallery at cape cod community college
barnstable, MA march 2-april 8 2011

provincetown, MA september 17-october 11 2010

schoolhouse gallery
provincetown, MA july 16-august 4 2010

carroll and sons gallery
"10th anniversary of the Boston Drawing Project"
boston, MA dec. 2-dec. 20 2009

"is there room for one more?" (solo show)
wellfleet, MA june 18-july 7 2009

"paper jam"
provincetown, MA june 12-july 1 2009

higgins art gallery at cape cod community college
barnstable, MA march 5-april 9 2009

808 gallery at boston university
"boston young contemporaries"
boston, MA july 18- august 22 2008

grossman gallery at SMFA
"student annual exhibition"
boston, MA february 2008

rhys gallery
"proof of purchase 2"
boston, MA august 2007

university place gallery, cambridge art assoc.
cambridge, MA december 2005

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